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Digitalize the complete learning ECOSYSTEM

Be a part of a classroom with 23 Million other Students. Share all your doubts, notes or anything else with your classmates and discuss the concepts, without sharing your identity.

Designed in that way, any individual student (come under Indian education system) no matter what school, board, stream and city he/she will surely get benefited by this project.

Confuse about your goals?

Discuss your dreams and ideas with like minded students and experience more career opportunities and less confusion.

This part is designed to stimulate passion and creativity in students by giving the right direction to their curiosity, quality information that will help them to set their goals and improve their skills.


Facing any problems in your life?

Studiuz is here for you, you can share your problems without revealing your identity and our experts help you in your problems.

This part of the application help student’s to overcome those problems they couldn’t share with anyone. As we have the world’s largest population of youth, its not possible that every individual can have physiatrists assistance but this part of the project will give them a way through which they can overcome these mental problems in a safest possible way

A Load of Features

Studiuz provides loads of features that you have never seen before. All features are designed to help every student in their academic journey.



In Studiuz you can be anonymous and can ask your silliest doubt without the fear of being judged by anyone

Daily Quiz

Studiuz provides you daily quiz tests created by our experts, which help students in their academy journey

Live Chat

Chat anonymously with all the students of a country in the same class and board

Free Study Material

Studiuz provides loads of free study material that is chosen by Studiuz Experts

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Studiuz Courses are exclusive that you have never seen before, these courses help you to get real life skills, so you will be prepared to achieve your goals.

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